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Why won't my course videos play?

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Why won't my course videos play?
Several reasons may cause videos to not load properly
  • Spinning, and the video won't load? Flash is not enabled*.
    • Click the lego-like icon near the https address to manage plug-in use. (The shorter arrow in upper left is pointing to the icon) We recommend choosing "allow and remember". *Flash will automatically disable every time you clear cache, and some other actions.    spinning video  enable flash add-in
  • If a black box appears with a message "media clip not available", firewall restrictions may be preventing the video from playing if you are using a computer supplied by your employer. Try a personal computer, or talk to your IT department for further solution.
  • If the videos still will not play, please reach out to the helpdesk to report the course code, and specific video title that is causing difficulty. We will work to remedy the situation right away.



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