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How do I update my Student Profile?

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How do I update my Student Profile?
As an eCornell student, you have two different student profiles.
  1. Your Student Portal's profile is where you log in to:
    • update your password
    • update your email address
    • download letters of completion
    • print certificates or receipts, etc.
    • This profile is private and will not be seen by anyone other than eCornell staff. To update this profile, please follow the first set of instructions below.
  2. Course profile: If you'd like to add more information about yourself to share with your classmates and / or facilitator, please follow the second set of instructions on updating your course profile.

How to Update your Student Portal Profile
  • Log into your Student Portal
  • Click on the "Profile" link in the left-hand navigation. Mobile Users: Click the User-added image icon, then click "Student Menu" to find the Profile link.
User-added image
  • Type your changes in any desired fields. Note: Once you have entered your "Name as it Will Appear on the Certificate" and saved it, you are not able to make revisions to it and must contact the Help Desk for assistance.
  • Mobile Users: you may have to expand a section by clicking the button to the right of the heading.
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How to Update your Course Profile
All changes made to this profile will be seen by your classmates and/or course facilitator.
  • While logged into the Student Portal, click "Take me to my courses" in the left-hand navigation.
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  • On the top right of this page, where it says your name, click "Settings."
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how to change your time zone, or add links to your social media app accounts
  • From the settings page, click "Profile" in the left-hand navigation..
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  • Click "Edit Profile" at right.
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  • Here, you may add a picture to your profile, add a title, short bio, and any links you would like. This is a great way to give your course facilitator / classmates a better understanding of your position and get to know you better.
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  • When you are done, click Save Profile, and you are done!
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