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How to log in and start On-Demand courses with my Cornell NetID (Current Cornell staff and students)

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I'm a current Cornell staff member or student. How do I access On-Demand courses with my NetID?
For current Cornell staff or students:
  • Please click HERE to log in to eCornell for On-Demand courses or type into your browser.
  • You may be prompted to enter your Cornell University NetID, Password, and perform 2 Factor Authentication (see screenshot below).
  • Once you log in, you are brought to the On-Demand Lesson Library, where you can browse and access the available lessons.
Not a Cornell staff member or student? Please CLICK HERE for more information about logging in to On-Demand courses

NetID Login Screen
  • Once you log in, you are brought to the On-Demand Lesson Library, where you can browse and access the available lessons.
User-added image
  • You may browse through the various lesson offerings by scrolling, or you may search for lessons by topic, author, duration, or completion status using the left hand search bar.
    • Lessons you've already started or opened will appear with a partial green line. Lessons you've completed will have a completely filled green line.
  • Click the image of the desired lesson until the arrow appears, then click again to be taken into the lesson.
User-added image
  • Note: If you happen to return to the Lesson Library immediately after entering the lesson for the first time, know that there is a 5 minute delay for it to show as 'started' on the dashboard.
  • Once you click the arrow, you are taken into the Course Dashboard:
User-added image
  • You're in! Navigate through the lesson sequentially as outlined in the left hand navigation. If you study out of order, you may get a message that you are locked from the content.
  • Once you complete your lesson's Final Assessment with a grade of 3/4 or higher, this will be noted on your student transcript. 
  • To access your student transcript, go back to your On-Demand Lesson Library (, click your name at top right, then Transcript.
User-added image
  • Your transcript will load in a new tab. Any other eCornell training will also show on the same record. To differentiate your On-Demand Lessons from other training, look in the Course No. column for items with OD appended.
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