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Where's my Confirmation of completion letter?

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Where's my Confirmation of completion letter?

To download your Confirmation of Completion letter:

  • Visit 
    •  Click "Log In"
    •  Under "I have an account already" click continue
    •  Log in with Username & Password
  • Click on "Enrollment History" at the left. Mobile users, click the User-added image icon, then click "Student Menu" then click "Enrollment History"
User-added image  or    User-added image
  • Locate the "Completed" tab and the appropriate course within the list; then click "Print"
User-added image
  • Change the "Choose Report" drop-down to "Confirmation of Completion Letter"
  • Click "Print"
User-added image

All applicable CEUs, HRCI codes, and PMI codes will be located on your "Record of Coursework", click the "Print Transcript" button at the top of this page.
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