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I want to register for CE's for my Plant-Based Nutrition certificate. What do I need to know?

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I want to register for CE's for my Plant-Based Nutrition certificate. What do I need to know?

The Center for Nutrition Studies website contains many FAQs and is a great resource on this topic.

Students who wish to earn continuing education credits for Dietitians, please see the Related Article at bottom of screen.

Students who wish to earn continuing education credits from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, please see Related Article at bottom of screen.

Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and physician assistants who wish to claim continuing education credits, please read the information below.

The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (CNS) is an accredited program provider of Continuing Education from the Foundation of Care Management (FCM). The Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate has been approved by FCM for credits in the following categories:

  • 30 AMA PRA Category 1 credits (CMEs)
  • 30 Nursing Contact Hours (CNEs)
  • 30 Pharmacy CE (CPEs) * This CE activity is knowledge based (none are considered "live" hours/credits).

There is an additional administrative fee of $125 for students who wish to earn these credits.  Students can purchase these credits at the beginning of CNS601: Nutrition and Society, the first course in the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate series.

Please note: registration for these credits requires creating a continuing education user account in an external system (accessed from within the CNS601 course) using your email address and a password.  We strongly suggest that you use the same email address and password that you use to log into the eCornell website!

To receive CE credits you must:

  • Register and pay for CE credits

  • Complete a Pre-test prior to beginning coursework in CNS601:Nutrition and Society

  • Complete all course requirements for CNS601, CNS602 and CNS603

  • Complete a Post-test & evaluation upon completion of CNS603

Additional Information

  • Each test takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and must be completed in one sitting

  • A passing score of 70% or better is required for the post-test. The test may be retaken if necessary.

  • Your test scores do not affect the number of hours you are able to earn

  • Partial credits for completing a single course within the program are not available.  Credits can only be earned by completing all three courses

Step by Step Instructions

To purchase credits and access the Pre-test, you must have access to CNS601: 
  • Log into your student portal at
  • Click "Take me to my courses" at left. Doing so will take you to your course dashboard.
  • Click on the CNS601 Course card: click on the CNS course card
  • Read the Welcome Page, then click "Start Course" arrow at the bottom.
  • Review the next page "Course Orientation" before continuing to the next page "How to Receive Continuing Education Credit". 
  • Once you have determined if you want to purchase CE credits, continue on to the next page "Purchase Continuing Education Credits". Follow the instructions to set up your profile, make payment, and take the Pre-test.

NOTE: If you use Safari as your web browser, and the button "Purchase CE Edition" does not appear on the Purchase Continuing Education Credits page, please see the special instructions at the bottom of this article.

If you did not take, or did not finish the Pre-test at the time of CE registration, here are steps to return to the Pre-test after the fee was paid:
  • Regain access to the CE site at Enter the username and password you established at the time you purchased the CE credits. (Login details may be different than your eCornell login!) If you need CE specific assistance, please contact the Center for Nutrition Studies, as eCornell is unable to assist or support you on issues pertaining to that external site.

To access the Post-test:
  • The Post-test is located at the end of CNS603: Applying the Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle. You must complete the post-test & evaluation prior to your online access ending.
  • From within CNS603 - go to 'Menu' (upper left) User-added image and click to expand if the entries are not visible.
  • Locate and click "Continuing Education Post-test" towards the bottom of the list.
  • Enter the email address and password established for the CE site. This will take you directly into the post-evaluation. Take and "Submit" the test.
  • If you score less than 70%, you will see the following message: 
  • To re-take the quiz, use the "click here" link in the "Summary" box, or click "Continue", for a link to either retake, or once satisfactory test results are achieved, print / view your Statement of Credit.
    For any questions, please email

    If you need to reset your CE password:
  • Once you enter your email address to reset your password, please make sure you check your spam filter as the password reset message may have been mistakenly marked as junk mail. If you still cannot find the link to reset your password, please email


If you use Safari as your web browser, and the button "Purchase CE Edition" does not appear, adjust your Safari preferences by following the instructions below, within the shaded area.
  • Safari > Preferences > Privacy tab.                   
select Safari > Preferences
  • Depending on your version of Safari, either set "Cookies & website data" radio button to "Always allow", or set "Block cookies and other website data" radio button to "Never":
Cookies & website data version

'Block cookies never' version
  • refresh the CE purchase page

How to access CE Statement of Credit 
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