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I want to register for CE's for my Plant-Based Nutrition certificate. What do I need to know?
FAQ - November 7, 2013
This is for the new process implemented 1/28/15. 5/7/15 - added URL to get back to the CE login screen without going through TCC501. 8/11/16 - updated to use CNS helpdesk email address. Revised again 3/28/17
How is the Plant-Based Nutrition certificate unique?
FAQ - August 1, 2014
Can I claim Dietitian continuing education credits (CPEUs) for my Plant-Based Nutrition program?
FAQ - November 7, 2013
Can I claim continuing education credits (CEUs) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association for my Plant-Based Nutrition Program?
FAQ - March 28, 2017
Does the certificate say eCornell or Cornell University?
All-FAQ - June 20, 2014